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  •     I have had my computer for five years with a recovery disc. I have had to several times in the past re-install becasue of virus,worm, and two hard disc drives that quit working. Recently I lost the mother board so I have rebuilt the computer. Last year I had to re-install and I had to make a phone call to microsoft who gave me validation numbers to install. I did the same thing this year and was told everything fine- continue on. I went to update XP and had to answer some wierd questions looking at stickers,cd ect obviously I must of done something wrong because I did not get validated for updates.

        I downloaded your WGA program to my desk top and ran it and it said I was GENUINE. So, I am a disabled vietnam vet and wonder if I will be dead before this is resolved. I am no computer expert and don't know exactly how to use "copy to clipboard the info given by the WGA scan much less where to send it. Seems to me the program should have done that by itself.

         I would like to remind all you sharp minded young individuals at MICROSOFT to remember one day you will be old and your eyes won't be able to sort out all the chaging colors ect on a small sticker stuck on the side of a computer and neither will you have much patience in all this suffering because Microsoft seems to have forgotten we are the Customers.  Okay, Is there a phone number I can call  and talk to a human to resolve this problem??  thank you for any help     remnant333

    Sunday, June 25, 2006 3:02 PM