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  • [1] Make Pocket IE a browser capable of beating the iPhone's version of Safari. You've had years to make PIE acceptable and have failed. Fix this now or you will lose your entire market. Handheld devices need to be able to fully support AJAX and a version of Flash that is within a generation of current. Without that someone else will take away all of your customers in under a year. Forget all of the rest - if you fail to do this the world will simply move on to those who do this properly.
    [2]  Support Cut and Paste in Windows Mobile Standard. It is not hard, it does work on other OS's and it is not confusing for users. Just sort it out.
    [3] Build in Cardspace support. Something to make OpenID easier to use would be a good idea too. Entering Username's and Passwords on mobile devices is a completely and utterly broken paradigm and you are the only people who can fix it. Talk to Kim Cameron and listen to what he says.
    [4] Make the basic user interface fully consistent. For example Windows Mobile 6 Standard's Settings interface varies enormously on a device by device basis and it looks awful. Yes you need simplicity in order to support numeric keypad only navigation but that doesn't mean it has to look like a list box from "Joe's first ever VB app" and all core functions should be available via the same actions on all comparable devices. Inconsistency in the UI is very bad for users.
    [5] Expose the management API's properly (ie make the OMA-DM configuration service provider interfaces available to app developers and end users. You will revolutionize enterprise adoption if you do this, Win Mobile is already light years ahead of the opposition in this area - build on that, open it up a bit more and enable enterprises to really support you OS.
    [6 ] Standardise Home Screen\Today Screen configuration API's.
    [7] Provide an easy to use and understand configuration wizard for network connection setup (including all types of Cellular) that integrates with the  Network Planner and the configuration of Pocket IE.

    Wednesday, September 19, 2007 11:43 PM

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  • Great thoughts Joe!  I know the folks from the Windows Mobile Team look here and will get your input.


    Although they are all good, if I could have just one, #2 would be my choice!!


    Thursday, September 20, 2007 1:32 AM