CWA R1, OCS R2 and Yahoo RRS feed

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  • I have OCS 2007 R2 all setup and working perfectly (R2 standard pool, R2 edge). Federation with all 3 providers works great. However, I recently had to add a 2007 R1 CWA server to my pool to be able to use OCS on our blackberries. (R2 does not work with Blackberry enterprise server) Everything works on the CWA server except with presence for yahoo contacts. We can't see their presence, but they can see ours. We can initalize a conversation with them and it works, but while on the blackberry you can't start a conversation or respond to an IM with an "offline" contact. Any suggestions or since I am using R1 and R2 together it really supposed to work???
    Tuesday, May 19, 2009 8:52 PM

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  • I have the same situation when I implemented ocs 07 and BB Enterprise messenger.  Yahoo presense was not detected on the BB IM side.  All other  public IM users' presence were detected to be ok.  We also see yahoo contacts as offline.  However, from the OCS client they appear to function with normal presence. 

    BTW I upgraded OCS R1 to R2 and I have the same BB Enterprise Messenger issue where I cannot login anymore as it is no longer supported.  You mentioned you added a 2007 R1 CWA server to your pool, did you do so BEFORE or AFTER isntalling CWA R2?  I just upgraded my CWA server to R2 on a separate box using the same Hostname.  I went back to the other server as the same hostname with R2 CWA powered off and CWA no longer works.  The RIM workaround that they described mentioned you cannot install CWA R2 before CWA R1, but in my environment R1 was already installed but is no longer functional.  Curious to know how you setup yours to get it working w/ BES again.  Please advise.
    Thursday, July 2, 2009 12:48 AM