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  • Hello. I recently had an issue where the Master File Table on a drive in my storage pool became corrupt (NOTE: All shares are set for folder duplication and have been since they were created). When this drive began to fail, I had all sorts off file conflicts and system health was registering as poor, but I wasn't able to remove the drive from the console, nor was I able to repair the problem from the console. I had to shut down WHS and physically pull the drive and run some diagnostics to find out the MFT was corrupt - I also found out that the MFT mirror had become corrupt as well, so no chance of restoring it. So powered back on the WHS and I removed the now "missing" drive from the WHS console. Eventually all file conflicts dissappeared and WHS indicator went back to healthy.

    I was about to look into recovery software to recover data from the pulled drive with the corrupt file structure, but it occurred to me that maybe nothing is missing and that WHS totally cam through for. I have way too many files and directory trees to go through and verify piece by piece, but I am hoping all is as it should be without data recovery measures. Can anyone weigh in on this? Is it possible that there is data contained on the failed drive that is not in the WHS data pool now?

    Thank you.
    Wednesday, April 8, 2009 5:21 AM


  • Hi,
    folder duplication protects against drive failure, but not always against slow corruption of single files and folders. This is one of the points, why maintaining an external backup is so important.
    As for the removal of drives which cannot be removed in a normal way: protected are folders with duplication enabled (although you should verify the duplication status, if it is still on after the removal). Files, which are not in duplicated folders, and parts of the backup database, which are stored on the failing disk, may be lost in such case or can sometimes be recovered by accessing the hidden DE folder on the disk.
    Best greetings from Germany
    Wednesday, April 8, 2009 6:21 AM