You have disrespected my anti-wake settings AGAIN RRS feed

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  • Microsoft.  About every few months, you push an update to my system that upends all the work (and it was a lot of work) to finally get my computer to stop waking shortly after I turn it off, then staying on all night, or starting at 3 am and staying on the rest of the night.

    You have done it again.

    Seriously -- do you know how disrespectful this is?  And you've gone to the effort to make the reboot task immune to my changing it without a special utility.  I am furious.  I despise your failure of basic respect this continued behavior shows.

    F'ing STOP it.  I want my computer to stop waking after I shut it off -- get EVERYTHING done with my CONSENT -- *ONLY*.  I understand you want to push an update and force us to do it.  Do NOT.  I do NOT want to fight with by proxy you every few months (and most people don't have the basic skills necessary to research and implement the highly counterintuitive and convoluted tasks necessary to do this).

    Eliminate your changes that put the reboot task beyond administrator editing.  Unify the wake permissions, or at least provide a simple unified utility to disable it.  We should be able to do this.  Also, make powercfg -lastwake display the CORRECT cause of these -- I am tired of seeing wake count 1, wake source count 0.

    You have the time and immense resources to make these changes.  You clearly do this by choice, and it's infuriating.  CHANGE IT.

    Wednesday, September 19, 2018 3:54 AM

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  • Moderators: This was posted in Feedback and Discussion.  It's clearly feedback.  Off-topic posts, I presume, are not likely to be monitored for feedback.  I think Microsoft should be aware of these sorts of feedback, not have them shunted into the diplomatically-named "irrelevant stuff" corner.

    It's a huge issue, and the reason people post irate posts about it is because Microsoft has consistently ignored very clear feedback about this.  Is this one of the reasons they don't respond to this feedback?

    Wednesday, September 19, 2018 2:48 PM