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    Somehow I knew from a Microsoft employee that a thread within 7days without a reply from OP would be marked as an answer to some answers. I don't think that good to OP. Because the marking should be decided by OP instead of by Microsoft employee as moderators or someone else. And many many clients are making complains about this issue. So I think:

    1) A moderator should manage the forum by unmarking others' answers if someone thinks they don't fit them or not answer the question well. But anyone CANNOT mark himself as answers unless the question is asked by himself. Moderators can mark others' good replies as answers.

    2) An answerer isn't a moderator, I think you can learn from, where Microsoft employees are only answerers instead of moderators.

    3) What's more, please cancel 7 day answer rate; please let clients reply or mark answers; If a thread is overdue more than 7days or longer, it should automatically send a reply to OP to tell him that you should mark answers or just feedback more. If no reply again, the next day the thread should be automatically closed (NOT LETTING OTHERS REPLY) and it "notify" OP that he should re-open or just new a thread.

    4) Hope the "7-day" answer rate rule can be cancelled because we cannot decide what the questioner thinks about, that's just improving the answer rate (maybe not very accurate). So I suggest Microsoft can create a new state of thread (if after 7days, the thread can be closed automatically until the OP comes back and re-open to do what he wants).

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