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    I have a enterprise database model that consists of n-hubs databases and a main database that is used to synchronize a set of tables in each hub, I use the main database just to generate primary keys and identities for hub database.

    Each time the user creates a row in one of my main set of tables  [tables that are in main database], I have to go to the main database and generate identity or primary key and push all these updates to each hub, I use a framework called nServiceBus to handle this issue but I face a lot of problems when the connection is lost with one of the hubs and also if the connection is lost in the main database.


    My question is : is it possible to use Microsoft sync framework to handle this mechanism ? and if yes, how I can do it easily without changing my architecture ?




    Sunday, January 4, 2009 12:45 PM


  • I assume you are using SQL Server at the main database but what databases are you using at the n-hubs?  If it is SQL Compact then the Sync Services for ADO.NET component of the Sync Framework should allow you to easily synchronize a primary key table to each of the hubs. 


    Unfortuantely SQL Express is not officially supported as a client (or in your case as an N-Hub) even though we do have a sample on how to accomplish this.


    Certaily it is always possible to use the Sync Framework to synchronize anything to anything, however, if Sync Services for ADO.NET allows you to accomplish what you are looking to do it might be simpler from an implementation standpoint to use it.






    Monday, January 5, 2009 4:59 PM