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  • Hello, folks!

    snom technology AG (Berlin, Germany), developer and manufacturer of Voice over IP (VoIP) telephones (www.snom.com), announced (21st May) the first open-standard SIP Phone that can natively register @ Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007.

    More information can be found here:

    The snom OCS Edition: Enhancing your everyday business communication! 

    What does this news mean to the Microsoft Unified Communication ecosystem? Only a alternative to a Communicator Phone Experience Device (aka Tanjay), only a hybrid SIP + OCS phone?

    I hope it is much more than that, it opens totally new ways of using OCS and the Communicator.

    Not only communication, presence awareness, etc.. In my dreams, I see additional features in terms of instrumentation, control and automation (ICA).

    Note: The infos in the next lines about the beta are outdated. Most of the early missing features run today. :)

    At the moment the beta firmware of the snom OCS edition is available for all snom 3XX. It will allow you to register your OCS-account as one identity configured on the phone (note you can have multiple identities configured on a snom phone – e.g. for “voip-roaming”).

    ·         You can start calls by dialing a number, enter an OCS sip account or use the integrated LDAP-client to lookup in Active Directory. This will offer you an AD-search in a configured organizational unit. The result will provide you with the phone numbers of an account or contact and also the sip-adress (msRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress).

    ·         You can receive calls at a OCS registered snom phone. Note: If you wonder about audio codecs – fortunately OCS2007 offers more than only Microsoft RealTime Audio J. The real pitfalls are SIPoverTCP and NTLM for standard SIP phones. (Btw. snom phones were able to talk SIPoverTCP from their first days. A snom370 will offer also VPN-standalone capabilities.)

    ·         You can transfer calls to a number, an OCS sip account or use the integrated LDAP-client to lookup in Active Directory, as described before.

    That is all for now. Features like Presence, maybe Edge Server Support, etc. will be added later. 

    Note: The next lines are still an "open" idea:

    I hope they will also add uaCSTA extension in snom phones, because this would add OCS RemoteControlCapabilities to it.

    I can’t wait to see a complete snom OCS phone, also with Instant Messaging! Why I want to have IM in a phone?

    Just imagine what you can do with a phone like this (or devices based on it). Some examples:

    temperature-,shock-,noise-, movement-, sensors, fire detectors, factory sirens, door intercom and openers, light and shutter control, - unlimited opportunities via Instant Messaging, Presence, Location & Status Comment, in real-time. J

    Some of these ideas are possible right now. You can e.g. connect an Allnet Sensormeter All400 to a  snom phone to get control over your facility environment via the phone.

    Imagine now that a full-fledged snom OCS phone (or a device based on it) can report all the information via IM to OCS / OC-Users and with an OCS Archiving Server all reports go into an SQL-Server for additional processing.

    Your facility environment will become accessible to you as a Communicator buddy. I will love to receive a communicator call from our “front door buddy”. Then talk to the visitor (maybe including video) and simply chat to the door buddy “open”. J Maybe we will also see a standalone IP-camera which is accessible as a communicator buddy – simply goes off the hook if I am calling, and in its buddy list with the correct permissions.

    All that can be run on IP/TCP networks, with SIP, XML and POE.J

    Summarily: The realm of possibility in Unified Communication and Collaboration will become much bigger than we can imagine today.

    I'm looking forward to read your comments, ideas, etc…

    Have a good weekend! Best regards,

    Jan Boguslawski

    P.S.: one might think I am employed at snom. But I am not. November 2006, I went crazy Smile , trying to find a real phone (instead of UMTestTool.exe, or x-lite) that was able to call Exchange2007 UM Beta server without a pbx or gateway, just for a small customer demo. The only phone that was able to do it, was and is a snom. So I came in contact with the fabulous guys at snom.

    Since I heard "Welcome, your connected to Microsoft Exchange...", for the first time, I was infected by the UC virus. Wink

    Friday, May 23, 2008 8:27 PM

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  • Jan,

    I found this old post of your's when searching...

    Seems things have come full circle now that Snom phones can have devices plugged into thier USB ports...

    A door controlling phone / device - I like that.  Or a temp / light / shutter control - that sounds very cool...

    Because USB devices can all share one connection - imagine having both a camera & a door control from one phone.  My house has a camera & remote door control, with a remote handset / display - it was not cheap.  This would be very good.


    Paul Adams
    Friday, October 30, 2009 8:13 PM