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    We are on CRM 2011 and not installed EMail Router. Without Email router is it possible to send or receive email when a user creates a appointment using Dynamics CRM form? My understanding was it was possible if the email settings for users are set to "Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook" under 'Email Access Type Incoming' and 'Email Access Type Outgoing'. I have that set to outlook but it does not send the email (it is able to create the appointment and shows in the calendar after synchronization). Do I need to install Outlook Client on CRM server?

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  • Hi,

    CRM 2011 cannot natively send e-mail activities.  So either the e-mail router needs to be used or the users need to have the Outlook client installed on their machines.  You can also use a mix of the 2 if you like.  10 users can use the router and 20 users use the Outlook client for example, or the router can be used for only outbound e-mail and Outlook clients used for only incoming e-mail, etc.  It just depends on the needs of the business or personal preference.  Do note that when it comes to any bulk e-mail being sent, the e-mail router is better designed for this purpose and can do it more efficiently and quickly rather than using only the Outlook client to send bulk e-mail.

    In you case, it looks like you have your user record set to use the Outlook client for incoming and outgoing e-mail.  I also have to assume that the e-mail activity that is not being sent shows you as the sender.  The Outlook client will only look in CRM and send e-mails for that specific owner.  So if you have a workflow that were to create activities to send from a single account, then that specific account would need to have an Outlook client set up (however, for this scenario, I personally would just set up the e-mail router to send out the e-mail).

    If the e-mail activity is not being sent out by your Outlook client and you are the sender of the e-mail, you need to look in your personal settings by accessing them through the Outlook client.  Import to note that your personal settings are context sensitive, meaning that you will see different tabs and options depending on how you access them.  Either through the browser or through Outlook.

    In Outlook, access your CRM user personal settings, click on the e-mail tab and you will see some options.  You will see an option listed that gives the Outlook client permission to look in CRM and send outbound mail for you.  My guess is that for some reason, this setting currently is set to not allowed.  I have seen this happen before.  But note that all your pending mail will go out.  So make sure that you don't have any old pending mail that you don't want sent out at this time, for example because it is 2 months old and no longer relevant, etc.

    Jason Peterson

    Jason Peterson

    Friday, November 22, 2013 10:39 AM
  • You can create a workflow that sends email when appointments are created. CRM for outlook does not send appointments as email invitation - if that is what you are looking for. 
    Tuesday, November 26, 2013 1:19 AM