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  • Hai,

    My hardware configuration:
    I'm installing Windows Home Server 2011 out of the box on an Hypervisor.
    My hypervisor is ESXi. The virtual machine has 2Gb of memory and 4 cores for processor.

    The symptoms:
    When i open the webinterface to my WHS2011 and start a movie fragment it starts buffering every few seconds.
    During playback of sourcefils from my videocamera my CPU goes to 100%  The moviefragment is a Full High Definition .MTS file
    The process that takes almost 100% CPU is called MFPMP.exe

    Tested workaround:
    When i open the moviefragment with windows mediaplayer directly on the server it runs better.

    I cannot find any bottlenecks on my server. The overal performance of the hypervisor is minimal.
    When i increase the power of the virtual CPU it still goes to 100%
    I couldn't find any hits on google with this process, what i did find is for the drive extender but in my opinion that's another issue.

    Should i install extra software?




    Windows Home Server 2011 running on Hypervisor ESXi DVBLink Dreambox DVBLink Network Pack
    Thursday, June 2, 2011 10:43 AM