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  • I monitor the behaviour of search engines continuously and noticed the following issues, when trying to optimize a Malta blog, that will like to share with you all and hope Live engineers will look into them or give us their comments. The website mentioned here was a normal one (hosted on a linux/apache system) with static urls till end September 2008. It used to rank fairly well before and still does today, so it's not an issue of rankings but a matter of how Live Search is handling redirects and indexing pages today.

    On October 1st I installed a wordpress blog and made the following changes, believing it's best SEO practice:

    - 301 permanently redirected all www urls to non-www (I opted to canonicalize this way for various reasons);
    - 301 permanently redirected any individual old static url to the new url;
    - Setup noindex, follow on the 'tag' urls created in blog posts.

    - I noticed that old static urls were still in index at first (when checking with the 'site:' operator) but immediately stripped off their title and desciption. The more months passed, the less were listed and the new urls where showing up. I'm assuming this is the normal procedure and everything till here is fine, please correct me if wrong.

    Issues & Questions (Over 3 months have passed now):
    - Homepage is still showing as www.malta.cc although it was redirected to malta.cc too. Any other new indexed pages are correctly listed without www. Why is it that the homepage display url did not change in serps?
    - Using the command 'site:www.malta.cc', I see just the old display url of homepage and couple redirected pages. Does that mean that for Live Search the new pages correctly indexed without www, don't have a homepage in the root?
    - Couple old pages are still in index such as www.malta.cc/maltese_culture.htm although it was redirect to http://malta.cc/maltese-society/culture-in-malta/ In fact both are still showing when using the 'site:' operator. Does that mean that any link juice is still not transferred from the old url to new one or just a matter of time until the remaining old urls are de-listed too?
    - Using once again the 'site:' operator I see a list of all or most of the blog's 'tag' pages although they have a 'noindex, follow' ruling. Why are they being indexed?

    As I said originally, it's not a matter of ranking successfully but I'm simply trying to understand (as always) how Live Search behaves and why redirects and noindex are still not followed 'properly'. I also have the impression that the 'site:' operator shows you even the noindex pages, but then Live (correctly) won't rank or list these in normal searches. It could be Live's way of handling such issues, maybe Brett can give us more insight on this.

    Thanks a lot
    Friday, January 9, 2009 10:54 AM


  • Hi,


    using the www in the site: command will show only the pages indexed with a www. If those pages are stripped of discription, etc, it means we are redirecting from those pages. The only time these pages should show up is when using the site: command. Using the command without the www will show all of your listings. I apologize if we indexed pages that should not have been indexed. The best solution is to request URL removal. It is permanent, so if you want to add them back later, you will need to fill out a re-inclusion request.  Here is a link to the URL removal form. If you have blocks of URLs to remove, you can use an * anywhere after .com/




    Wednesday, January 21, 2009 5:58 PM