Azure agent build pool error: no authorized pools RRS feed

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  • Migration from 2015 > 2018 > 2019. New app tier and build servers. All previous service accounts and users remain the same. Old permissions should not have changed. We have a new service account for Azure specifically.

    I go to a project > pipelines > build > click folder icon above pipelines > new > new build pipeline > select TFVC > browse to server path > continue > select template empty job > agent pool

    There are no authorized queues to pick from

    I have two accounts, one is TFS administrator, and I can see all pools, but another is a standard account, which other users have, and those are unable to see any pools.

    So far I have gone to the same project build > all build pipelines >  security from the right side ellipses, and configured permissions for Contriburors, Release Administrator, and Project Collection Administrators, and set most permissions to allow. Basically everything is allow except manage build and override check in.

    Every Azure document I can find tells what permissions to set, which I believe I did, but standard accounts still can't see the pools. They work fine on 2015. We are not using any of the 2015 build agents or servers in 2019. All of that is new.

    Also, I searched for the error "no authorized queues" but could not find a single person discussing the possible causes.

    Any suggestions on what else to look at?

    Monday, February 24, 2020 6:29 PM


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