Are the Vendors Prepared for the Mass of Computers to be RE-Licensed? RRS feed

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  • So I work for a small accounting firm and we purchased our computers from Office Depot 3 years ago.  We are required and do have valid licensing for all our products, but to our dismay our XP validation tool says we are not.

    Microsoft says, "1. Print this report and take it to your reseller. Your reseller can help you obtain a genuine copy of Windows."

    Problem : I spoke with Office Depot and they have NO knowledge of this matter PERIOD.

    What steps have been put in place to handle this matter for valid customers?

    I would guess with a Validation Tool like this Microsoft would have put a memo out to all of the Major Vendors to prepare for this ... HAVE THEY?

    Honestly I have no problem with being validated and only want the ability to have critical updates and a reliable OS.  No complaints other than the leg work I have to do sounds like its going to be a hassle for me and I shouldn't be the one doing it.

    Thanks for reading my concern,

    Friday, June 16, 2006 11:25 PM