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  • Since W95 I have always rushed to buy the next version of Windows. 98,ME,XP.

    I could accept the activation *** with XP and even the WGA once. But now MS wants to install a new version of WGA everytime I go to get updates ( what's it at now? 4 different versions ?) And to top it off they now want to phone home everytime the computer is booted.

    Can you say "data miners" ?   or is it "spyware"

     Well I will not install the new "critical update" WGA" and I will not buy Vista when it is released. I will continue to use XP until I find a version of Linux that is ready for prime time.

    Microsoft is treating the paying customers like criminals.

    No more Windows for me!


    Friday, June 2, 2006 5:58 PM

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