VS 2012 Publish: Can't find the valid AspnetMergePath RRS feed

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  • I just installed Update 2 for Visual Studio 2012, which introduces a new Publish dialog. I'm trying to make it do what it used to do (precompile a website before publishing), and I'm running into the error that it

    "Can't find the valid AspnetMergePath"

    which is thrown from the file Microsoft.Web.Publishing.AspNetCompileMerge.targets. I've confirmed that the file aspnet_merge.exe exists in multiple places on my computer, but


    is evaluating to an empty string for some reason. I must be missing some configuration setting, but I've never messed with those before, so I'm confused as to why this would start suddenly.

    Can anyone offer advice on how to resolve this? I've done the standard Google searching on this error and nothing has led me to the right solution.

    Tuesday, April 23, 2013 6:50 PM