SandDance Extensibility (build 53) - hosting your own HTML version? RRS feed

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  • The release notes of SandDance build 53 (here: Whats New) state that with this build you can "...host your own version of SandDance, and there are several ways to doing this. One approach is all HTML (no code required)...".

    I have not found any links, downloads or information that identifies the files required to host SandDance nor how to go about setting it up. I DID find some promising web-host looking files in the "SandDance as Windows App" zip file, however I've not been able to successfully set these up in IIS - the closest I've come is to receive a 404 error for a "http://localhost/bpserver/bpService.asmx" resource and have not found any related bpserver / bpService files in the zip file.

    Is anyone able to direct me to any instructions and specific downloadable(s) available for enabling this self-hosting of SandDance (in particular for the HTML approach)?


    Thursday, February 9, 2017 6:13 AM