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    Please read the release notes, the link to release notes is available in the beta2 download.  The release notes are on the web, here is a link to them http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=117922

    Beta2 has a new default deployment Mode, ignore unknown PXE requests.  Under this mode compute nodes will not be automatically captured in PXE.

    The two modes are

    a.        AutoCapture:  any compute node attempting to PXE boot on the private network will be captured in PXE by the WDS server on the head node.

    b.       Ignore Unknown: Head node will capture only ‘known’ nodes in PXE boot—the known nodes include any nodes already a part of the cluster. This includes any nodes added to the cluster via node list xml or any preconfigured nodes which contact the head node via node manager. In this mode, the head node will disregard any PXE requests outside the cluster.

    This change implies, instead of the v1/beta1/CTP experience of powering on the compute nodes ( after completing the  to do list on the head node) you will no longer see the compute nodes automatically captured in PXE, in the ‘Unknown’ state. You will need to go through  the ‘add node wizard’ ( available via optional task on the to do pane and the action menu in the node management pane).  To capture your nodes in PXE, select bare metal install and power on the compute nodes. Step through the rest of the ‘Add Node Wizard’ pages to accept the nodes and assign a template to them. At the end of the add node wizard, you can keep auto capture as the default mode or choose to go back to the default mode of ignore unknown.

    The global setting for the deployment mode can also be changed via the menu. In the toolbar, Options->deployment settings, leads you to the dialog where you can change the deployment setting.




    Wednesday, May 21, 2008 9:49 PM