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  • We had been inundated with what can be only described as a landslide of e-mails advertising Preplogics services, these e-mails subject lines ranged from “Pass your exams. Guaranteed” to “You aren't fired” then we got a phone call I believe from a Mr. Kent Billiter in April 2009 who was very persuasive talked to me several times and managed to convince me that Preplogic services would work for us here.

    I had explained to Kent that we wanted to start a training process here in Uganda for our staff and it seemed that Preplogic was a suitable solution; I was informed the subscription would allow two simulates users but in reality more could online.

    I had explained that our internet was not so good in fact would make the service unusable he said no issues the product can be sent via the post which it was.

    We been having various communications with Preplogic over the last several months the latest is with Christina, who seems to be somewhat single tracked to say the least.

    Now the fun and games start, we had finally received the product about 3-5 weeks their after, we tried to use the product and found various issues to do with connectivity, we changed our ISP and when on the new fibre that had just been laid from India to Kenya and then to us here in Uganda, still no joy so we had contact Kent via e-mail explained the situation and asked to have the service stopped we had not heard back from Kent for some I then started looking for other contacts.

    I even when on their site and submitted my complaint online the response took well over a week and not nothing happened, I will try again..

    Kent did get back to us in the end and then put us in contact with Ms. Christina Collison of accounts receivable and other relevant department s, we had several communications which seemed hopeful at first but soon became clear Christina only job was to delay us stopping payment only.

    Preplogic have managed to offer not one solution within our entire communications which tells me that they are not interested in solving the issues in anyway only getting your money no matter what the cost to the client.

    The latest two e-mail clearly stated “Discontinue your monthly payments and continue your certification training “ and the other “More access for free “ when I finally caved in as said ok let’s do it just so we can closed the case I get an e-mail back say in “If you make your final payment with me which is $598.64 usd. I can give you a extra 6 months off. As a extra bonus I can give you a discount of $50.00 off. So I would need to collect a payment of $548.64. Thank you”

    Sorry I am confused why would I make a final payment for a service I cannot use? (and we had already offered this before, it was not then deemed a suitable response then it’s not now) Do they not read the e-mail and where does the free access come in, the English Prpelogic uses is somewhat confusing and deliberately misleading, and how is it free if I pay for it!

    To be clear we have not been able to use this product in any consistent manor as have stopped trying use it for over 4 months completely, Africa is not exactly a major focus as yet for the rest of the world but it will be and I will ensure Preplogics name goes far and wide here Africa is a small place.

    What is going on these people seem to be not only singles tracked but treading a very fine line between complete misinformation and outright fraud / theft.

    I would like to know what I can do about these people they deliberately hoodwink their clients they seem to be nothing more than petty criminals, but I guess with the money involve it’s more like a soft form of organized crime in reality.

    Yes I am pissed. It’s not just the money it’s the fact that Peplogic have deliberately tried not to find a solution, this was meant to be a means of uplifting and empowering people here but in fact all its done is left everyone feeling robbed and mislead not a very good start for international relations.

    Saturday, May 22, 2010 11:10 AM