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    1.  The current procedures only allow the restoration of a file when requested from the backed up device.  For most instances this is good and I'm sure meets some security requirements.  But in some instances it may be necessary to restore a file from a back up to another pc utiliziing WHS.  If, for instance, the original backup pc is not available but another machine, also a member of the WHS community is, there should be a mechanism to allow the backup to be vectored to the available machine.  This could be under the control of the WHS administrator if security is an issure.


    2.  For security reasons, I have two IDs set up on my desktop.  An administrator ID which I use to add software and do upgrades and a regular user account I use for day to day usage.  This provides, I believe, some additional protection from the bad guys getting me while surfing, etc.  A problem I experience though is that you can't restore files unless you have admin priveledges.  I can become admin to perform this function but it would be much easier if a regular user could restore also.  This is only one of many problems trying to use a regular user id - something that needs some attention across the board - with consideration by the O/S designers as well as Application designers.

    Friday, April 27, 2007 2:55 AM

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  • You can restore a file from any client PC, to any client PC. You do, as you note, have to be an administrator. I believe that's so you can override any restrictions on the file being restored. There's an implicit assumption that regular users aren't going to be restoring files very often; it's much more likely that the WHS administrator will do so on their behalf.
    Friday, April 27, 2007 3:04 AM