Money 2003 - downloaded transactions are showing up in Money with the incorrect date RRS feed

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  • Money is a great product and I would buy a newer version if they still made it.  (just in case Microsoft is listening)

    Since the change to day light saving all my transaction downloaded for TDcanada Trust are showing up with the wrong date.  They all show up one day before the transaction happened.

    Example - a deposit done on the 10 of November shows online as 10th of November, but when downloaded in to Money is shows up as November 9th.

    Transaction from ING are working correctly.

    Sunday, November 21, 2010 12:56 AM

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  • This would normally be a function of your financial institution. The scenario is this: the institution states or implies a time of 00:00 on a given day . The institution marks the download file timezone as earlier than your timezone. Money calculates that midnight at the FIs timezone corresponds to 23:00 the day before in your timezone. It's a sad situation.

    This can also happens when the institution is in the same timezone, but leaves the time zone info indicating they are using standard time even tho the time has changed to daylight saving time.

    The best outcome would be for the FI to timestamp the times to a time during working hours. Alternatively they could leave the timezone info out of the file, and Money would assume that the times are in your timezone. The OFX specifications address this issue, and tells how the institution should avoid the problem.

    It would be really nice if Microsoft Money would not change the date on you. While this would be a literal divergence from the OFX specifications, it seems unlikely to hurt anybody, and it would help many. OK, I guess it might hurt people near the international date line.

    A workaround that *you* can implement is to change your timezone to eastern or GMT before processing the OFX downloads. Then change it back afterwards.

    This might be a case where the PocketSense scripts, instead of the direct download, might avoid the problem.

    Sunday, November 21, 2010 5:13 AM