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  • I have been creating DVDs using MovieMaker and DVDMaker. To get from the VHS to digital format I used Pinnacle Instant DVD but placed the files on disk so that I could edit them using MovieMaker. It seemed to be working fine and I converted all my old VHS to VOD files. I have been following these steps

    1 Pinnacle -> VOD

    2 Import VOD to MovieMaker

    3 Create movie and burn to DVD

    It has been working perfectly until I wanted to create a second disk from a particular movie file. When I created it I noticed it had no sound. The WMV had no sound, the MovieMaker import of the VOD has no sound but using VLC player or Divx player on the original VOD files the sound is there. I checked a few other WMV files and they all have sound.

    My problem.. I need the sound to reappear in Movie Maker. Any suggestions?

    Sunday, November 14, 2010 8:44 PM