Windows 10 phone deleting emails do not carry over RRS feed

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  • I use a windows phone, it has windows 10 on it.

    I have a Microsoft account linked to my gmail.  When I use the outlook app that Microsoft provides on the phone, I sign in with my Gmail.  Every time I delete an email on my phone, it will not carry over to my computer when I am checking my gmail online. 

    The outlook app almost acts as a hub to just receive emails.  When I make any changes on my outlook app on my phone it will not carry over to Gmail. 

    To be more clear.  I would really like to use my Outlook app on my phone to work with my Gmail on my computer.  I want to be able to delete an email on my app, and than when I check my email on my computer, I want to be able to see that the email I deleted on my phone carries over and I no longer see that same email on my computer.

    is there a setting I can change?  I don't want to delete the same emails all the time to keep my outlook app in check with my actual email on my computer.  The only other option I can do is use the internet gmail as my email app.  Rather than use outlook app.

    Tuesday, March 1, 2016 4:27 PM