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  • Hi Group,

    My first post here.

    I am new to .NET world and to database programming, though not new to programming in general, having done graphics based work before.

    Right now, I have taken upon myself to build a management system for a not for profit organization in India. Budget is really really tight, and we can't afford to purchase anything apart from the OS and the office software.

    So I am using c# express and sql server express with advanced services to develop.

    However, there is one very tricky aspect of this application. There is no "central" database as such. All users carry their own copy of database with them, which is painstakingly synchronized manually at the end of the week and then backuped up.  Right now Visual Fox Pro is being used.

    Now there can't be a central database as working via web right now is not possible and these users tend to move around  a lot.

    So is there any fabricated solution for me visible here? Or I will have to develop this whole logic for peer-to-peer synchro and replication myself.

    I am very new to this synchro field and am really at a loss here.

    Any pointers will be very appreicated. I have seen the intro videos for sync and sync for ado.net. However, absence of a central server is a problem.

    Thanks for reading! Hope I have been coherent.

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  • virtualmic,

    Have you looked at the P2P database sync technology included as part of the Microsoft Sync Framework?  For more info, please see:


    Hope this helps,
    Friday, May 29, 2009 10:02 PM