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    I am trying to setup OCS Standard Edition here at my school district and seem to have gotten through most of my initial problems but am now at a loss.  I have everything setup and running and can log in just fine with OC but when I try to send a message to someone it never goes through.  So I ran the Front End validation and I received a Two Party IM error as follows:



    Received a failure SIP response: User sip:test2@contoso.com @ Server OCSServer.contoso.com
    Received a failure SIP response: [
    SIP/2.0 500 The server encountered an unexpected internal error
    FROM: "Test"<sip:test@contoso.com>;tag=3053676eb832916c534;epid=epid01
    TO: <sip:test2@contoso.com>;epid=epid11;tag=3783B17A9F86D055CDD13E506EC929EC
    CALL-ID: 45bf347715b54f399dcb636cbf88f43f
    VIA: SIP/2.0/TLS;branch=z9hG4bK71fac91a;ms-received-port=3069;ms-received-cid=9600
    AUTHENTICATION-INFO: NTLM rspauth="0100000005000000749F0E4A86805FE3", srand="C51CBBAC", snum="3", opaque="63CA942D", qop="auth", targetname="OCSServer.contoso.com", realm="SIP Communications Service"
    ms-diagnostics: 1;reason="Service Unavailable";source="sandwichdc1.Sandwich430.local";ErrorType="Security association encoded into the route set has not yet been fully established";HRESULT="C3E93C2F(SIPPROXY_E_UNKNOWN_USER_OR_EPID)"


    I'm not sure how to proceed any information would be greatly appreciated.  Some background information there is just one server hosting OCS there is no federation, no phone usage routes this is just supposed to host IM throughout my school district.

    Friday, September 12, 2008 7:25 PM

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