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    I have HTC Touch with windows mobile 6, and here is my experience.

    - If you happen to have msn messenger always on, then you should reset the phone once a day!

    - If you restart your windows mobile, and someone calls you while booting up, the phone will ring, you will press the answer button, and the phone will continue to ring, it is still loading, it is not responsive, it rings and it does not let you do anything else.

    - It takes is a long time to boot, I should see the lovely HTC logo, then the service provided logo, then the Windows Mobile logo, then wait for the OS to start, you know what, every time I am waiting for that thing to start, I swear on whomever have his logo on at that time!

    - When the phone synchronizes, it ignores everything else, and if you are talking, the voice quality is affected, the phone slows significantly, and it’s just drives you crazy.

    I hate my phone :-(  and I loved it so much when I got it the first time, beautiful and silk; and very annoying when you get to know it!

    Whomever wrote that product forgot a very important thing, it is a phone first and a computer second, remember that when you code the next release.

    Monday, February 9, 2009 2:33 PM