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    I need your help. I installed Windows steady state, and this seems to be the worst thing I should have done.

    Actually, I cannot  manage it. The only thing I know, is that even texts that I write, are not recorded at all, and that my job is lost for ever.


    I tried to uninstall it, which became totally impossible, Windows SteadyState is not where It should be to be uninstalled.

    I cannot reinstall it, windows tells windows SteadyState is already installed...


    Except formating all my hard disks I don't see any solutions.


    I don't want it anymore, could you tell me how I can turn it off, uninstall it, get rid of it.


    the only way remaining to find it on my hard disk is in the programme files, I can erase it, but of course, as soon as I start, I comes back again, which at least proves it works. this wouldn't matter, if the computer remembered my work.


    Thank you all for your precious help.



    Tuesday, October 28, 2008 9:35 AM


  • Disable disk protection, then uninstall. If you cant find the program shortcut icon the program is installed in program files/ windows steadystate. Dont delete the folder do a uninstall,  I believe there are uninstall instructions in the manual do an internet search for the manual, I just did  and  downloaded it, interesting read.

    just found this

    Wednesday, October 29, 2008 7:28 AM