Speech Server, SIP Trunking, and ITSP RRS feed

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  • I had a customer a while back that was writing a disaster response application and he asked if there was an alternative to leasing a set number of phone lines for this speech server application which would sit and wait for a disaster for the phone lines to be used.  They wanted to have enough phone lines to handle the spike that would normally happen (lets say maybe a spike of 50 to 75 concurrent calls, some inbound and some outbound) when a disaster occurs but then that using would go down to zero until the next disaster.


    Ideally, what they wanted was a provider that they could point Speech Server at (make the provider a SIP peer) and let the provider take care of see that they got the level of service they paid for (let say it was an SLA of 75 phone lines).


    Then I heard about SIP trunking and ITSP and that sounded a lot like what they were looking for.  Am I on track in my thinking?  Can this guy use the ITSP in the way I described above?  Would it be cheeper than leasing all those lines?


    I realize there are issues related to reliability of this approach since it is going over the internet and I would expect it would be TLS for security but if they had a dedicated Internet connection to the ITSP (they could even make this redundent) it sounds as if it would be reliable enough.


    If this is possible, would every ITSP provide this type of service?


    Friday, November 9, 2007 10:37 PM