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    Why has Microsoft looked over some trivial ergonomic issues concerning the taskbar and the sidebar?

    It's really a shame that the Win7 gadgets lost funcionality with losing the sidebar as it is. I had many gadgets (cpu load, temperature on devices, network traffic, battery capacity, clock, calendar) which I wanted to see all the time. It was very useful one could put the sidebar "Always on top" and all windows only stretched up until when put to full screen, that way one could see the window content and the gadgets all at once. This good and useful funcionality of the gadgets is lost with the elimination of the sidebar. There is a hack to bring it back, but there are too many bugs copying old vista sidebar files back into Win7. It would take minimal effort in a windows update to introduce an option so that one can turn the sidebar on/off according to need or usage style.

    I bet most programmers and people have 16:9 or 16:10 monitors and dislike shortening the short side of the monitor with the taskbar. Putting it to the left side vertically seems like a good solution, however the Start Button takes it's place in the top corner. ???? Over the 15 years of existance of the Start Button it has always been in the bottom left corner. If somone needed to start some program, it has become a reflex that all programs and the most used quicklaunch icons are around the bottom left corner of the screen. I tried to accustom myself to start looking in the top left, but 15 years of usage is too many to get rid of. Yet again: how much programming time would it take to introduce an option in an update to be able to flip the layout of the taskbar, may it be whereever on the screen?

    Both problems are solveable in let's say 1 hour of programming time, testing included. MANY people would be happy to see a better layout of their desktop with these two simple issues solved.

    Tuesday, May 11, 2010 10:10 AM