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  • Q: Do you have any guidelines on posting to the forum?

    A: Here are a few suggestions to make sure you get the best answer to your question as quickly as possible:

    ·         Search for the keywords of  your question in the WAP forums before posting – it's likely someone may have already answered your question, and you won't have to wait for it to be answered again.

    ·         Post in the correct WAP forum (there are three: Curriculum, Windows Research Kernel, and ProjectOZ) – this will ensure subject matter experts who may not read all of the forums will see your question.

    ·         Make sure your thread title summarizes the specific problem or question you have – since we try to answer the maximum number of questions we can with our time, we often skim through question subjects to quickly find the ones that we know the answers to.  A question with a title of "Urgent! Help needed!" is less likely to be answered as a question with a title of "Help needed with thread scheduler priority levels".  A more specific, detailed title is far more likely to get a response than a general one. 

    ·         Once you've received a correct answer to your question, either from a Microsoft employee, an MVP, or the WAP community, please mark the post as answered.  You can do this with the "Mark as answer" button that appears on the post containing your answer.  This step is important, since it lets us know that your question has been answered.  It also lets people scanning the forums know that they can find an answer to that question by reading the thread.

    ·         Any posts providing answers to CRK assignments, quizzes, and projects as distributed by the WAP will be removed by the forum moderators. This information should only be released to faculty, staff, and instructors in the CRK instructor supplement, not the general public.


    Q: What is the CRK?

    A:  The Windows Operating System Internals Curriculum Resource Kit (CRK) is a freely available collection of instructor resources to supplement operating system (OS) lectures and assignments with Windows kernel illustrations. The CRK provides PowerPoint presentation slides, experiments, lab descriptions, sample quizzes and assignments for introducing case studies from the Windows kernel into operating system courses. The CRK follows the ACM/IEEE-CS Operating System Body of Knowledge (BOK) and is based on the book Windows Internals, 4th edition, written by Mark Russinovich and David Solomon who then worked with Andreas Polze to adapt the material for university use.


    Q: How do I get the CRK?

    A: The CRK is currently available for download at no cost at


    Q: Where can I find solutions to the CRK homework?

    A: Solutions to homework assignments and quizzes are included with the CRK Instructor Supplement and are available for download through MSNDAA (MSDN Academic Alliance) subscription which is available on a departmental basis – i.e. through your Computer Science department. Please check with your department’s MSDNAA administrator for access details and go to: Once authenticated, go to Subscriber Downloads -> Faculty Connections -> Windows Academic Program -> Curriculum Resource Kit.


    If your department is not an MSNDAA subscriber than you may alternatively download the CRK Instructor Supplement through the Faculty Connection program. If you are registered with this site, click on “Get Verified Now” to log in and download the instructor supplement. However, if you are not a registered member of Faculty Connection, you will be directed to the registration page. New registrations take up to 2 business days to process.


    Q: What license is used for the CRK?

    A. The CRK license is very simple. It allows for non-commercial use such as teaching, research and personal experimentation and permits modifications and redistribution for academic purposes, including publishing on web sites and community forums. For more information, please read the CRK license at


    Q: Are any universities using the CRK in core OS courses?

    A: Yes. As of beginning of 2009, CRK is used in about 900 universities all over the world: 70 in US and Canada, 132 in Europe, 210 in Asia, 420 in Mexico and South America, and 65 in Middle East and Africa. 


    Q: I don’t plan to do any core OS research using the WRK, but am interested in using the CRK curriculum, is the WRK still useful to me?

    A: Yes, many of the PowerPoint presentation slides in the CRK provide the names of source files in the WRK that implement the core OS concept being discussed. In class instruction can easily be supplemented with source code investigations of the WRK for further emphasis of the material.


    Q: I’ve found errors in the CRK materials, how do I notify the authors?

    A: If you find errors in the curriculum, please report them to  There is an errata page with a list of corrections at We will do our best to incorporate fixes into subsequent versions of the CRK.

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