how do i make a complaint about the support i received about trying to renew an extended warranty RRS feed

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  • I rang to ask if i could extend the warranty on my sons x box 360, i was told that i purchased it 30 days before, but know that i didnt, alex said if i can prove this something could be done about it, as i had done it aqs a trade in at blockbusters, i did not receive a receipt, i spoke to the manager at blockbusters and he said that if they would ring him he could confirm this, rang today 13th feb, spoke to a lady she said she cannot ring out, if i go to the store and get him to speak to them then they could deal with this, I pointed out that I could get anyone on the phone, if they were to ring then they would know this was blockbusters, she then went to speak to a supervisor then her story changed and i had to have something in writing, asked to speak to a supervisor he was very nice but could only apologise, i live 8 miles from the store could of driven all the way down there and then found out that the support advise i had been given was in-correct, if the experts dont know their policies, then how the ____ can we. I do big style want to make a complaint as it has taken two phone calls of 1 hour to x box plus all the contact with the store, ref no 1124724878
    Saturday, February 13, 2010 6:29 PM