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  • May be this a complex problem ,I 'll try to present clearly.

    Out company 's feature : there have a self-define entity , named "sales log" ,which contain sale's daily log.

    and original designer ,put appointment entity to be a child which belongs to "sales log".

    it ok.

    but ,When i try to deployment offline crm with outlook, a serial problem emerged-- outlook and ie total different.

    and ,we cannot sync data between outlook and crm.

    some factors ,i know:

    1) appointment is a system embed entity. It have 3 froms: main, mobile ,and date  appointment form . I 'd try to delete useless appointment form ,but ,crm denied.

    2) in our crm system , user cannot view appointment directly, they just deal them in out self-define entity : "sales log".

    3) So, to add a appointment just by sub-grid menubar(in virtual Ribbon editor).

    4) Problem is : in outlook ,to add a appointment , it pop up a new date form, and you have to push "crm fileds" button.

    and , in the "crm field" form ,some self-define fields of [ appointment entity] missinged!!!???

    5) so I modify appointment ' date appointment form , make main form same with date  form. and publish it .

    6) extremely stranged, nothing changed! the crm fields in outlook enviroment still missing those filed.

    appointment belongs to a self-defing entity:sale daily log

    relation about 2 entities

    correct in web

    correct in web

    wrong in outlook.

    some on can point how can i deal this.

    Thursday, November 7, 2013 9:07 AM

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  • form in outlook
    wrong in outlook.

    after choice crm field

    some on can point how can i deal this.
    Thursday, November 7, 2013 9:08 AM