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  • I have a new system, with a new primary drive (drive 1 or C & D), that I am going to install WHS CTP on. My current WHS beta 2 system has 6 hard drives.


    After reading a number of posts and documentation I believe there is a way for me to upgrade from beta 2 to CTP at the same time as I introduce my new system and maintain all of my user files (music, photos, video, backups and "username" files). I understand that I will need to recreate user accounts.


    These are the steps I believe I need to follow;

    1. backup all files on WHS beta 2 system to storage other than WHS
    2. install hard drives 2-6 from my old hardware to my new system in the same order i.e. IDE1, drive on first connector, drive on second connector, etc
    3. install WHS CTP on my new system by selecting the "server reinstallation" option.
    4. WHS should install the CTP version on the new primary drive and then rebuild the "tombstones" that will allow the user files on disks 2-6 to be seen.

    Appreciate any feedback from folks who have experience or knowledge with this that can validate or correct the steps I need to take.

    Friday, April 20, 2007 4:31 PM

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  • It's my understanding that the reinstallation option is only available to you if the WHS setup finds certain files or folders on the system drive.
    Friday, April 20, 2007 5:14 PM
  •  Ken Warren wrote:
    It's my understanding that the reinstallation option is only available to you if the WHS setup finds certain files or folders on the system drive.

    Here is the relevant section out of the "Getting Started Guide"


    5.   On the Select an Installation Type page, select the Installation type and then click Next.

    New Installation – choose this option to perform a new or clean installation of Windows Home Server

    Server Reinstallation – choose this option to upgrade or restore an existing installation of Windows Home Server

    Please note: Server Reinstallation formats the system partition and reinstalls Windows Home Server. All server settings will be lost. All user accounts will need to be recreated. Shared folders and backups are not affected. Please see the User Accounts section for instructions on recreating user accounts.



    I interpret this wording to indicate that you get presented with the option, of "new or reinstallation", before the system does any checking.


    Can someone confirm this please.


    Also see this post by Charlie Kindell that lead me to believe that I could do what I am suggesting.

    Friday, April 20, 2007 6:54 PM
  • Hello,


    From my experience (see my post : CTP trouble), WHS can be lost if you are using a mix of SATA and PATA drives. It is looking for the first PATA drive, even if your previous sata system disk is present !

    I had no choice but to start a new install.

    So i guess that you have to remove your PATA drives if your system drive is a SATA one.

    But, you are more lucky if your system drive is a PATA one.


    Maybe it can help.

    Saturday, April 21, 2007 4:05 PM
  • Kiwi, regarding what is checked when for a reinstallation, see this thread, and in particular the first response by Chris Sullivan.

    There is a workaround in this Connect feedback, linked from that thread. Depending on the particular hardware configuration, one may be able to force a reinstallation to a drive other than the first one provided by the BIOS.
    Saturday, April 21, 2007 5:05 PM
  • Here are the steps I took to achieve a successful upgrade from WHS beta 2 to WHS CTP and introuducing a new system in the process.


    My WHS beta 2 system was a HP D530 CMT, which was a very capable machine (supported 4 PATA & 2 SATA drives in a very well built chassis, see this post for more information) though as I understood the power of WHS my plans expanded and I needed more space for drives and wanted to load applications. I could have upgraded the HP D530 but a quick analysis showed that I could build a new system at a reasonable cost, $459, that would serve me much better. See this post for the specs on my new system. I also made my stepson happy by using the HP D530 as an interim machine while I wait until Apple gets their act together on their new OS and buy him a Mac mini in October.


    Here are the steps I took;

    1. I backed all my WHS data, that I couldn't afford to lose, to an external source that was not part of my WHS system
    2. installed all my hard drives from my old hardware to my new hardware in the same positions e.g. IDE1, drive 1, drive 2
    3. started my new system,  booting from WHS CTP installation DVD
    4. The CTP installation check saw this as an existing system and give me the option of doing a reinstallation or a new installation
    5. I selected reinstallation and after 2 hours I had WHS CTP installed on my new system
    6. All my user files, video, music and photos were there, though no backups or user settings which was expected.

    My next step is to upgrade my system hard drive as I needed some more storage and purchased a 320 GB SATA which should be a little faster for a system drive than the PATA drive I was using. I did experiment to see if I could have accomplished this step in the above process but in order to get the reinstallation option, the WHS CTP installation process had to see my system drive. I have done some research and upgrading the system hard drive will be a similar process to the beta 2/CTP upgrade in as much as the system drive is completely rebuilt.

    Sunday, April 22, 2007 4:27 PM