RouteRequest from one queue to another RRS feed

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  • I am trying to move one queueitem from one queue to another.  More specifically, if the e-mail is not resolved to a specific record (contact/account/lead)... I will move the e-mail to a queue call "Unresolved".  I seem to have success going from WIP queue to a public queue, but no success from one public queue to another.  My question is... does RouteRequest work only with WIP to Public Queue... or am I just being a doo doo for not programming correctly.  Here's the snippet for 4.0..

    DynamicEntity unresolvedQueue = retrieveQueueByName(Properties.Settings.Default.unresolvedqueuename);
    Key unresolvedQueueID = new Key();
    unresolvedQueueID = (Key)unresolvedQueue.Properties["queueid"];

    Lookup currentQueueID = new Lookup();
    currentQueueID = (Lookup)queueItemIdea.Properties["queueid"];

    // Create a Target object which refers to the incident.
    TargetQueuedIncident target = new TargetQueuedIncident();
    target.EntityId = emailId.Value;

    RouteRequest route = new RouteRequest();
    route.Target = target;
    route.RouteType = RouteType.Queue;
    route.EndpointId = unresolvedQueueID.Value;
    route.SourceQueueId = currentQueueID.Value;
    RouteResponse routed = null;
    routed = (RouteResponse)service.Execute(route);  <<  Caused an exception here... "Message = "Server was unable to process request.""

    Thank you in advance...
    Friday, October 17, 2008 5:00 PM


  • Looks like I was being a doo doo...  clearly it said... "incident"

    // Create a Target object which refers to the incident.
    //TargetQueuedIncident target = new TargetQueuedIncident();
    TargetQueuedEmail target = new TargetQueuedEmail();
    target.EntityId = emailId.Value;

    Friday, October 17, 2008 5:54 PM