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  • I was working in a macro which had nothing to do with MSMoney, the ribbon, command bars.  It had only to do with using the CMD window to read a listing of folders and subfolders.

    All of a sudden, I began getting errors from my MoneyLink addin with the Set Command line being highlighted

    The error occurs upon opening an excel file, and again on closing the file.  The Add-ins ribbon does not show up.

    ' Wrapper function which passes back the command bar item with the specified name on the given
    ' command bar. This function returns True if the item was found, False if not.
    Private Function GetCommandBarItem(cb As CommandBar, CommandBarItemName As String, Command As CommandBarControl) As Boolean
        On Error Resume Next
        Set Command = cb.Controls.Item(CommandBarItemName)
        GetCommandBarItem = (Err.Number = 0)
    End Function

    I have tried Excel in SafeMode, and also uninstalled and reinstalled the MoneyLink add-in (a full uninstall -- not just deselecting the box; and the re-install was from a fresh download).

    Any thoughts as to how to fix this?


    EDIT: The problem with the crashing was that I had set the VBE to break on ALL errors; rather than break on UNHANDLED errors

    However, the MoneyLink options are still not showing up on a ribbon, as they used to.  I don't know how long that has been going on, as it has been a while since I have used this add-in.  BTW, I am running Office365/Excel2016 32 bit on Windows 10 64 bit.


    Friday, July 21, 2017 12:41 PM

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  • I don't know why the toolbar/ribbon tab disappeared, but I created a new one using the Customize Ribbon option in Excel 2016.  I chose to add a new tab to the Data ribbon, which I named MoneyLink.  In the Choose commands from dropdown I chose Macros.  I then added

    • InsertMoneyQuery
    • RefreshAllMoneyQueries
    • RefreshSelectedMoneyQueries

    to that tab.  The queries can be renamed as you wish.

    Still don't understand why the built-in method stopped working.  It does use the CommandBar object and this is no longer being used, but still.


    Saturday, July 22, 2017 1:12 PM