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  • I have 2 Windows 10 desktops which I use for my home office.  I recently swapped their physical positions.  Now, neither will see each other when I try to map drives from one to the other, and when I try to set up a network printer.  Other than a change in positions, which required a change in Ethernet cables, nothing else has changed.  Both are connected to the same router.  Here's what I've done to address the issue:

      • Checked workgroup name.  Both connected to same workgroup.
      • Checked sharing options:  Both have network discovery, file & printer sharing turned on.  Password-protected sharing is off.
      • Rebooted router.  Rebooted satellite modem.
      • Connected both computers to one switch fed by satellite modem.  Rebooted both.
    1. Set up both computers with static IPv4 addresses.
    2. Tried using a different router with both computers connected to Ethernet ports on router.
    3. Flushed DNS cache.
    4. Used the Windows 10 network reset tool on both computers.
    5. Restarted both computers numerous times.
    6. Checked to be sure that each computer has a different name.
    7. Checked to be sure that Windows is activated on both computers.

    I have no idea what else to try.  I have a Windows 7 notebook computer which is connected wirelessly to the router to which the desktops are connected, and each desktop sees it.

    As of now, I've reverted to the original router, both computers connected by Ethernet cable to that router, dynamic IPv4 address.  Still no connectivity between the two.

    Why will these two computers not see each other, given the connection as described?

    Friday, March 9, 2018 3:58 AM