How to run Bot Chat app.js in my own chat frame box in my website without embedding your <iframe>? RRS feed

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    Hi . I have built my own Bot in node.js using Bot Framework and running on Emulator for chat results. Now I have a company's website where they have built their own chat frame .i wanna know that how can i remove the dependency of Emulator so that if any user sends any message on chat frame box of website will be directed to my node.js server bot and further transfer the message( like when session.send('message') is executed how msg can be sent to java api ) to another api in java. Plz do reply ...DirectLine api cant be used as it is my own built bot(app.js)...if it can be used plz help me to use it in this scenario. 

    Monday, December 5, 2016 7:39 AM