net divice clam unid'd pub net. I cant creat new network. RRS feed

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    My network(pc's) "network and shearing center" say the ethernet is unid'd and public. How do i chaing it to privite so I can shear my sheard net drivices again ?

    I have reset my win 10 and win 7. 
    I tryed seting up new network but nither computer got past the set up a network window. It s just blank stating "might take longer than 90 sec to unconfig divices on network".
    culd not fix it. 

    I can only acses each other thru wifi. Is thear a way to force it to only use eachother thru ethernet ?

    It seams my problem is I dont have this option(togel)

    Hears my screan shots:


    EDIT: Update

    ok so.. I had to set up public to get the popup option to chaing net work to privit.Got the the networks to see eachother but It dos not say if its privit or publick . just unknown network :(

    EDIT: Update
    never mind after reseting pc's it went back to my original problem.
    But now I can't share files over the wifi.

    only win10 can see win7's sheard divices

    EDIT: Update
    omg. Idk what to do. I pluged in ether net and now my divices can work over wifi..AAHH

    Thursday, July 12, 2018 1:29 AM