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    I'm in the preparation phase (RFP generation) for a migration to MSCRM from another CRM package.  In our current CRM system, we create "pre-filled" in cases using macro buttons.  The call reps have a series of buttons that create specific types of cases and different case queues.  Basically the macro opens a new blank case for the contact that was selected in the address book and prefills in some fields.  The call taker then finishes up the case with any additional information and assigns it from there.


    I know based on what I've seen so far in MSCRM, this would be a workflow.  My question is, can we use customized toolbar buttons hooked to workflows to operate in a similar fashion?  I've seen that you can create workflows and use the "run workflow" drop-down list to create a case based on your selection.  However, I want to bypass this drop-down list and simply provide a series of  custom buttons that the call reps can quickly click on.


    I'm not looking for code examples or detailed explanations of how this would be done.  I really want to know if this type of a customization can be feasibly done when we engage a partner.  Thanks for anyone who might be able to give some insight. -Kevin

    Friday, December 5, 2008 8:41 PM


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