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  • On one of your many Web sites I read the following:  “Microsoft's mission is to enable people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full potential.”


    In light of this statement I am shocked and very disappointed in the Windows Mobile 7 product.  Rather than improving on what they were doing well to help people and businesses realize their full potential, they stripped Windows Mobile down to imitate another Apple product.  I have had a Windows based pda since 1997 or 1998 when HP first came out with the Jornada.  I have stuck with Windows based pda’s over the last 13 years because their ability to use them in a business and personal setting for all of my needs.  I was actually very excited when Apple came out with the iPhone because I thought that it would cause the Windows based pda’s to move out of the rut they were in.  Little did I know that Microsoft would just allow Apple to move right past them and then follow along on their coattails.


    Over the years I have bought many programs to use on my Windows based pda to help me to use it to my fullest potential.  Some programs I have been able to transfer from one pda to another as I upgrade to a new machine.  Because of this ability, I have been waiting for the new Window Mobile 7 software to come out prior to buying a new pda/phone.  My son recently bought a Windows based phone and I have discovered if I bought a Windows based phone I would not even be able to use the software that I have previously bought.  Given this, and that Microsoft has dumbed down the product so much that there is no longer an advantage to buying a Window based phone over an iPhone or an Android based phone, I may as well start over with a new, non-Windows based product.


    As I understand it now, you have even removed the ability to search through folders that you have added to the machine with the use of File Explorer.  Listening to music, texting, and searching the Internet does not allow a person to realize their full potential, especially when you do not allow the creativity of outside programs to be added to the machine.  I need to truly use the pda as a mini computer and the changes that you have made do not allow this.  At the very least I hope you take this into account when making upgrades to the software.  You need something that will make Windows based software stand out – not just another piece of software that mimics what everyone else can do.  I have always promoted the availability of creative software programs as a reason to buy a Windows based phone.  This no longer is an advantage, but actually a disadvantage.  If it is not possible to improve the operating system with an update, please consider at least putting a version more similar to Windows Mobile 6 on a pda without a phone for those who do truly want to realize their full potential.


    Hoping that you will listen to the feedback, I will wait a few more months prior to deciding to change operating systems.

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