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  • There are a few things that I'm not too happy with when faced with a list of messages in a forum.

    1. We've lost the Today and Yesterday in larger print that made it much easier to see when a post was created or last updated.

    Now we have admittedly number of hours and minutes, but that only covers what was "Today" in the old system and for everything else you have to look at this kind of line

    "last reply by Andrew Brenner on June 17, 2008 12:07:30 AM GMT+03:00"

    and try to remember what date it is today before you can see whether it was yesterday or not. (and note the font is the same for the entire row.

    2. There's a similar thing when you have a list of forum categories. 

    For each forum all it says is something like this

    "Topics about installation/setup and upgrade/migration as well as administration and operation.
    last reply by DanDMan 33 minutes ago"

    This helps only in establishing if there has been any *reply* since you were last in (which may have been an hour before, so in this case you know that there was a reply) BUT it does not help - as saying instead that the latest message *thread* called "XXXXXXX" was added nn minutes ago would do - in deciding whether the thread to which that message was added is of any interest at all.

    At least tell us last reply by XXX 33 minutes ago in the thread "xxxxxxxxxx" and preferably also give us text on the latest NEW thread as well.

    (and if you think you don't have the space, you do. Just get rid of the repetitive description of the forum, it'll turn up on the forum page anyway for those few who haven't seen it before.

    3. You now show bold for threads that have not yet been looked at and normal for threads that have been looked at.

    It's an improvement on the old system to be sure, but to get closer to what newsreaders of newsgroups offer you need to go a step further.

    If a message is added to a thread I've already read, that thread should revert to bold until I've read that message. Only then should it go back to normal.

    The present system is that if I have read the thread once, for ever more the system will not tell me in any way that an amendment has been made to the thread since I read it.

    My suggestion here is that you could use a combination of Bold, Normal and Italic (or Underline).

    So for instance.

    Bold + Underline: thread hasn't been looked at.

    Bold: thread has been looked at but additions have come to it since then

    Normal: thread has been read and no changes have been made to it since it was read.

    (point 3 applies naturally only to people who are logged in)

    Monday, July 28, 2008 3:36 PM


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  • You also have the "Unread" filter at your disposal, which shows you threads with messages you haven't read yet.
    Matt Fraser, STO Forums Software Developer
    Monday, July 28, 2008 5:00 PM
  • That's a good point (and one that I missed) but it is an extra click and you are already providing *per logged-in user* information via Bold that a thread has been read or not so you could adjust that code in the way I suggested (and then there'd be no need for that extra click, you see all three (Completely Unread; Partly Unread; and Fully read) at once.
    Monday, July 28, 2008 6:14 PM