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  • This last issue with WGA is the last straw. I am seriously considering legal action for this past issue. My OEM volume licensed version of XP Pro came down with being "counterfeit" while I was on vacation. Assuming that maybe somehow I had purchased an invalid version, I proceeded to reformat and reinstall my XP Home on my system. It took me 1.5 days (approx 12 hours) to fully restore my system back to what it was prior to the "counterfeit" label being slapped on my computer. Sorry is not good enough this time. How do I know if my XP Pro is valid without installing it (AGAIN)? I expect a realisitc answer from Microsoft or a check for $480.

    Tuesday, August 28, 2007 4:52 AM

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  • For XP users, WGA is not mandatory.  I have not installed it and I have no plans to install it.  I agree with you.  WGA is a complete and utter waste of time; Indeed it is an unnecessary patch for XP systems.  M$ decided to use XP users as guinea pigs so that it can make it mandatory for Vista users.  In my opinion, it is too late and if it is considered to be an "old system of copy protection" then it is likeley to fail and customers will vote with their feet.  Linux and Mac systems are catching up rapidly.  WATCH OUT M$; DON'T BE GREEDY AND DON'T WASTE PEOPLE'S TIME!

    Tuesday, August 28, 2007 8:31 PM
  • Interesting since virtually all the genuine Windows users that received a non-genuine message message (very small minority) had to visit a Microsoft web site that requested Windows Validation to download a file or get updates.  And your computer, upon startup, was immediately flagged as non-genuine?


    And you claim to have a "OEM volume license version of XP Pro?  Microsoft does not produce a "OEM volume license version of XP Pro"!  Genuine volume licenses are only sold in lots of five (5) licenses, not individually, and not as "OEM".


    How to Tell - What is a Certificate of Authenticity (COA)?



    Tuesday, August 28, 2007 9:14 PM
  • EgisCodr,


         Maybe I can provide information which will help restore faith in the WGA program as well as the benefits you receive as our valued customer. The following website:  http://www.microsoft.com/resources/howtotell/ will provide indepth information regarding "How To Tell" if your software is genuine vs. non-genuine. Next I encourage you to review the benefits of the WGA program here:  http://www.microsoft.com/genuine/


         Curious where was the software purchased which your currently using on the computer? Also mentioned is a cost of $480. What software did you purchase?


         There are situations which can cause Windows and Office to become non-genuine. Let me give one example. Have you taken your computer in for maintenance? Customers have taken in their systems along with all the software received when purchasing their system. The customer picks up the system and viola' no problems whatsoever until they need to download an update or even a template used with MS Office. Suddenly their system is non-genuine. The customer's computer was not installed with their software but a blocked version of a product key. Also the software could work for several weeks, months or even a year or more then suddenly becomes blocked. Volume licensing (VLK) are purchased/issued to large corporations, governments, and schools for example in order to make software installation easier for the mass computers located within their areas. In turn if the key becomes compromised then the government, school etc requests Microsoft to block that key and reissue another key. 


         Please run the Genuine Diagnostics tool and post the results in the thread. This will help us analyze your situation better so we may be able to provide a solution.  Download and run the utility at this link http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=52012 , then click the Windows tab, Copy to Clipboard, then paste the report into a New Post on this Forum.


    Step 2 is tell us about the COA. Tell us:
    1. What edition of Windows XP is it for, Home, Pro, or Media Center?
    2. Does it read "OEM Software" or "OEM Product" in black lettering?
    3. Or, does it have the computer manufacturer's name in black lettering?
    4. DO NOT post the Product Key.
    5. Please also provide a short description of the issue you are experiencing.


    NOTE: The data collected with the Genuine Diagnostics Tool does NOT contain any information that can personally identify you and can be fully reviewed, by you, before being posted.


         Hopefully the information provided has provide more insight as how the overall program works as well as helps our customer.  Thank you very much.  We will await your results.  Until then have a wonderful day. 



    Stephen Holm, MS

    WGA Forum Manager

    Tuesday, August 28, 2007 9:21 PM
  • John,


    Please read the information I posted in the thread.  Maybe this will help explain the the WGA program and shed a good light as what it is here for.



    Thank you,


    Stephen Holm, MS

    Tuesday, August 28, 2007 10:00 PM
  • Stephen,


    Thanks for your message.


    I have to say that the benefits of WGA are these as per the links you have provided:


    Internet Explorer 7
    Microsoft Windows Defender
    Windows Media Player 11 for Windows XP
    Media Center Karaoke Plug-in
    Free trials and great savings on select MSN Games!


    Now you tell me why should I install WGA for the sake of "Free trials and great savings on select MSN Games!" OR "Media Center Karaoke Plug-in"?  I am 72 years old and playing games on my system is completely out of the question.  As to Karaoke plug-in, is this yet another gimicky downloads from one of the most poweful software maker on this planet?  I once downloaded IE7 from Yahoo website (http://downloads.yahoo.com/internetexplorer/index.php) but I found it completely useless for my purpose. It does not connect quickly or it keeps crashing all the time.  I already have WMP 11 but I prefer to use (or should I say I am forced to use) Real Player because the BBC website only provides audio and Videos for Real Player.


    Therefore, WGA is completely and utterly waste of bandwidth!  MS has to do better than this if it wants to remain the dominant player in software market.


    Hope this puts the record straight.


    Wednesday, August 29, 2007 8:20 PM