Detecting user hang up RRS feed

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    I'm having speech workflow which is working fine in normal condition. I'm having one problem while user initiated hang up occurs. I am having problems detecting if the user hung up prior to hearing my entire outbound message. I know that I am supposed to get a CallDisconnected event, and I have a CallDisconnectedHandler to handle the fault, but I am not getting this fault.  My outbound app is simple, call someone, detect if it's a human/answering machine, play my message, disconnect the call, and send back call status.  Would I get this event if someone hangs up in the middle of the message that has already begun to play? Which event should I implement to achieve this?

    I've tried implementing events for CancellationHandlerActivity, FaultHandlersActivity and DisconnectCallActivity but no luck. One thing I've noticed that DisconnectCallActivity has call closed event which is actually getting fired after complete message is read (I can sense that from message length) though user has hanged up without listening to whole message.

    I appreciate your feedbacks. Thanks in advance.


    Viresh Shah

    Friday, January 2, 2009 11:41 AM