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  • First off I want to start by saying I've run Windows 8/8.1 from the beginning on all my machines. With Windows 8 I didn't miss the start menu and quickly understood the advantages and the short cuts. Also working for a large software company I personally made sure that we created a Windows 8 app and a Windows 8 Phone app. Oh yea, early adopter of the Windows 8 phone too which I still absolutely love. I'm not saying everything was rosy. I still have Win App API complaints which I voiced on another thread years ago and still have the same complaint all thought I do understand why they do what they do. There are so many great features in Windows 8/8.1/10. Being able to log in once from any device and access the same information, desktop and One Drive. Now I can't live with out these features. Home, office, phone, surface. I love it.

    The second the Windows 10 preview launched it was loaded on my laptop and surface. Not even VM. Yes it crashes a lot. It's a tech preview. Of course it does.

    I demoed some bleeding edge code on a bleeding edge OS to a customer. By bleeding I mean cut your wrist bleeding. It's a tech preview I knew better. After that tragedy, I had to get ready for our yearly conference which I planed on using Windows 10 for but instead decided to reload my laptop with Windows 7.... I have barely touched Windows 7 in years. Why Windows 7. The start menu. I didn't realize that missed it and how much better it is to use till Windows 10. In Windows 10, I love the new start menu. Incorporating the live tiles with the basic Win 7 start menu ready extend it functionally and make it far easier and efficient to use.

    This is where I realized the difference and it's really just purely visual, but that is a lot. It isn't just the start menu. I miss the look and feel of Windows 7. The features in Windows 7 don't even compare with the new versions of Windows but why is it that Windows 10 still feel like Windows 3.1. Hardware has only gotten better. Even the GPU onboard of the newer CPUs is better than a lot of video cards these days however Win forms, shadowing all of the visuals that made Windows 7, well for lack of a better word, pretty. They are all gone. Win 8 to 10 are all about WPF and that's ok, but even WPF looks and feels better on Windows 7. This is where the new OSs fail. I know that the difference in the way WPF and Win forms appear has been highlighted on more than a few threads. But I think it's beyond that. The whole presentation in Windows 10 is just lacking.

    Now, would I personally go back to Windows 7 on all machines because of the visual short comings of Windows 10. No, of course not. The new features are far to valuable. But I'll never demo anything with dialogs, forms and even WPF forms on anything other than Windows 7 again. A 6 year old feature lacking OS that just looks more refined than the current OSs.

    Just some thoughts. Some people might not agree with me.

    Saturday, November 22, 2014 2:33 PM

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