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  • This is an issue regarding Project Server 2010, and saving/publishing project data from Project Professional 2010.

    Recently, I have had several support requested from Project Managers where they have stated that they spent a significant amount of time making updates to a project schedule in Project Professional 2010, including date changes and resource allocations, then saved, checked in, and closed the project, and the next time that they re-opened the project, their updates to the schedule have either been changed, reverted to what they were previously, or disappeared altogether. In working these support requests I haven't seen any problematic queue jobs and have not really been able to nail down a root cause.

    I am not convinced that the problem is a technical issue, but I am also not entirely convinced it is solely user error because it has been reported multiple times by different PMs. I have not opened a support ticket because the nature of the problem and how it is reported makes it very difficult to reproduce. I have several theories on what might be occurring and I was hoping to get some feedback and see if any of them make sense or not. 

    The most common use case for this problem is a PM making updates to a project schedule in Project Professional and then saving, checking in, and closing the project multiple times without publishing the changes. After some number of saves, closes, and opens, the updates to their project schedule disappear or revert, or only some of them remain. Below are two possible explanations that I have come up with:

    • My understanding is that when a project is saved, the project is saved first to the local Project Pro cache, then to the draft database. It is possible that the PMs are closing out the project before it has finished saving to the draft database. The next time they open the project, the project is loaded from the local cache and any changes from the draft database are downloaded. If they closed the project out before the save to the draft database finished, the version in their local cache would not match the version in the draft database, so MS Project would download and apply the changes from the draft database, effectively wiping out whatever changes they had made to the project schedule previously. Is this a possibility or is my understanding of how the local cache works and how data is downloaded from the server to Project Professional incorrect?
    • If a PM has been making updates and saving them without publishing, it is possible that another user could open the published version of the project (that does not contain the PMs updates) and save it, which would put that version in the draft database and effectively overwrite any updates that the PM had made to the schedule and not published. Is this a possiblity?

    I understand that this issue would likely be resolved if everyone published their project schedules everytime they made changes and were diligent in making sure that all jobs have finished before they close out Project Pro. I am just looking for feedback on what might be happening behind the scenes.

    Wednesday, July 11, 2012 5:01 PM


  • Michael,

    You are correct in the aspect that the changes are always downloaded from the Server, however, it is also important to note that the sync between local cache and server happens almost simultaneously and especially on save. And if the Server Version is more updated than the Local Cache copy,. you actually get a prompt asking you to let Project overwrite the cache.

    Also in addition, it is not possible to edit a "published" version of the project. If you want to Edit a project it has to be in draft mode. So your second concern is 

    So, to me it seems like that the "Save" job is not completing properly. It is a good practice while saving or publishing the project, to wait until the message of success is shown, before closing project/shutting down pc.

    And finally, Publishing is not mandatory to retain the changes, as long as the project saves successfully. It just remains in the Draft database until publish.

    Prasanna Adavi, PMP, MCTS http://thinkepm.blogspot.com

    Wednesday, July 11, 2012 6:39 PM