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    Hello there,

    at  the moment im revisioning our productive scsm installation and tyding up a little and came upon one tricky situation  .

    We use a very popular request offering where a  User can Pick from a multiple networkshare folders  query he/she wants to have access to. So after sending this request a SR is created with multiple affected items (networkshares) . 

    Then a runbook is invoked which contains basically only a huge powershell Script wich does following :

    -create a New SR with approval process for each selected networkshare indivdually

    Now im Not a friend of Scripts i didnt write and so im Thinking about rebuild This with Orchestrator but without additional scripts . 

    Im just asking if This is possible or if theres a clever way to solve This in  a better way 

    Thanks in advance "

    Saturday, March 2, 2019 10:49 AM