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  • Is there anyone out there that can tell me how to run the WHS cleanup utility on my Media Smart Server. I'm trying to get data off this thing so I can migrate away fro it and onto something that sad an OS supported by an existing entity. Having the "Media Smart Server" is like having booked a flight on the Hindenburg zeppelin to Liverpool for a trip to Ney York on the Titanic!
    Monday, February 10, 2014 12:25 PM

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  • Have a look at this:


    Microsoft still has an active user community around WHS v1, even though it is based on an 11 year old OS and has reached end of life. As for HP, well, have you tried getting new OS drivers for printers more than 2 years old? If Microsoft doesn't make them, they generally don't exist in my experience. The first MediaSmart servers shipped 7 years ago, an epoch in tech years.

    Tuesday, February 11, 2014 10:05 AM
  • The utility you  call [the WHS cleanup utility] is not a Microsoft product; if you  mean "Windows Home Server Cleanup Tool 1.0 ".

    From what I read, via internet search,  it is not very controllable. no check and balances,  and will delete any and all refrences to the  file[s] it deems 'unreadable'.


    You must check the contents of the .cmd file prior to running it! I have found it to be correct, but you don't want to be surprised, upset or experience any unpleasant emotion after running it. If you don't feel OK about running it, then don't.Running the .cmd will delete the reparse points, effectively deleting undeletable, unreadable files.


    If, a big one, you  read and tried  the other tests  to remove file confilcts, and had no success; I might  suggest a brute force hardware approach; since you indicated your WHS went up in flames .. via the  Hindenburg refrence...

    One: Buy one or more external drive enclosures /  usb to IDE[anything]/sata adapters.

    Two: Shut down the server, as 'gracefully as possible, and physically remove the drive[s] [[ labeling each one, to return to the server later]] and attach it / them to the USB adapter.

    Three: On the PC / client OS of choice that can read and write to NTFS volumes, plug in the  USB adapter, and wait for the unit to be detected.

    Four: Run appropriate disk/voluime/file checking utils to salvage what you can.

    Five: Open Explorer or equivelant to see folders and files.

    Six: Navigate to path similar to [USB adapter drive letter]:\DE\shares. This is where your files should be located.

    Seven: Select and copy folders and files to another  local drive.

    Eight:  Software dismount and power down, and remove the USB adapter / drive.

    Nine: Repeat steps Two thru Eight until you  have all of your files.

    Ten: Reassemble the WHS Media Smart Server, and reboot,  If you did all as stated above, with no deviations, The SERVER should boot back up and  be in a condition, no worse than when you started, my suggestion.



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    Thursday, February 13, 2014 5:04 AM