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  • Hello,
    excuse me, but this forum, as the only place to ask question about Windows 7, more than ugly.

    A) Imagine someone have a question about the messenger, windows mail, or any other included application. When someone search on the help site it show him the webinterface for newsgroup. Imagine the result from the discuss is that the Windows 7 UAC is the problem. What do you think, where the user ask the question now? In this forum here or in a wrong group like *.Vista.* ? 

    B) Some countries have at least general .windows groups, but not all (e.g. Germany)

    C) There is a group Sure I get an 411 Error when I try to access it, but someone from MS created this group, because he thought it's usefull

    D) But on the other site there are general groups like You really think a forum only user find the answer in this newsgroup?

    E) There are many microsoft and not microsoft sites with a link to the newsgroups.

    F) Or is the deeper sense of this that the user should use regular usenet groups like ?

    G) SPAM ? Sorry, but there are other MS forums with a LiveID login AND Spam, I see not really the point where a forum reduce spam.

    H) The forums are confusing,
    1) In a longer discussion there is no thread view.
    2) Which forum? When I ask a question here, I found it in and who knows...

    I) this NNTP bridge from microsoft connect. If this is the only solution for me, no thanks. (See B) )

    J) Support. I saw never an answer directly from MS in the newsgroups, sure. But here? I see answers from users and MVPs, similiar to answers in newsgroups. Here are some answers from MSFTs yes, some of this answers are good, but some of them, like "OOOHHH that's interesting.", I don't think I can count this as Microsoft Support.

    Please create at least one Windows7 newsgroup for each country.

    If this is not wanted from MS, please tell the users at least ONE understandable reason.
    And NO, the answer "Forums are always better! It have more features like Avatars and Alerts." is not an understandable reason, because it not improve the main reason for MS support sites, users ask question and other give answers, it's more or less only for fun.


    1) I posted it firs in the "Website" subforum, because I don't know this is forum related
    2) Some parts of it are maybe  not a windows 7 only problem.
    Tuesday, September 29, 2009 6:23 PM

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  • I just add my Mee-too.
    IMO it's really importatnt to get a Newsgroup for Win7 at least one per language


    Friday, October 2, 2009 5:01 PM