Calling an SSRS report from the CRM report viewer... parameters not working. RRS feed

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  • Is there a trick to calling a typical SSRS report from CRM?  I have an SSRS report that I need to call from within CRM but the parameters are being ignored.  The report is based on another database, not the data in CRM.  We have a report development team that handles all of the reports and they have created a report for CRM to call out to.  I read that the CRM report viewer uses a query string prefixed with p: to pass in parameters to an SSRS report.  Is that correct?  I have tried it with and without the p: but nothing I do works.  The report runs, but the parameters are always ignored. 

    I found an article that talked about the parameters in SSRS reports are sometimes not typical parameters but filter parameters.  That's new to me, but sounds like that might be what I am running into.  Is there a difference between parameters and filters?  I've always consider them both as parameters.  Do I need to send whatever these filters are differently? Maybe f: or something?

    Here's the code I am using to call the SSRS report.  Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong would be much appreciated.  I'm out of ideas.

    var iframeSrc = serverAndOrgUrl + "/crmreports/viewer/viewer.aspx?action=run&id=%7b4468D65C-3B53-E511-949B-00155D373A16%7d&p:sUser_id=akeen&p:sLoanOfficer=249";

    Jon Gregory Rothlander

    Tuesday, September 29, 2015 2:05 PM