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  • I would assume they're talking about the Live Framework Mesh functionswhich seems to constantly double up as Mesh Services. When they say new services they could mean the addition of new (REST based) function calls.

    For the benefit of those who haven't been that interested in the programming side of things, the Live Framework lets you integrate programs with the Mesh basically allowing:

    1. applications (mostly .NET) / websites (usually JS) to save / retrieve info from your mesh (the protocol is REST based so there will probably be extra interfaces as time goes along)
    2. allow silverlight applications to run in the mesh (i.e. actually run inside a window on your mesh desktop or normal folder)
    3. allow the same as above but the app can be coded with html and JS

    More info: http://dev.live.com/liveframework/

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  • Hi nachmore,

    I'm not so sure. I know all about Live Framework and the way that paragaph above is phrased it makes it sound as though Mesh Services is something over and above (or in addition to) Live Framework.

    I think maybe I'm posting this on the wrong forum. Hence: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/liveframework/thread/1b803f3f-4fc4-489c-9b65-17c669b5bb01

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