Backups failing with event viewer showing "Microsoft.HomeServer.Backup.Protocol.ProtocolException: Client / Server connection lost" RRS feed

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  • I have been unable to backup all five of my computers for the last few days.  I have run WHS for about 4 months now and noticed an increased number of overnight automatic backups were failing.  The faults were all reported in Event Recorder as "Client / Server connection lost".  I read lots of similar issues discussed on this site.  I have;

    ·     updated my Ethernet drivers; (Realtek PCI GBE Family Controller on Client, Realtek 8169 on Server)

    ·     turned " flow control" to enabled;

    ·     turned "large send offload IPV4" to disabled

    ·     chkdsk /r on all my drives (no errors)

    ·     run WHS toolkit on both my server and client. 

    It only found one error, it could not find my DHCP server (which is my Cisco WAG54RT router) but then I have set that to handle DHCP from onwards and set my WHS to as a static address (with subnet mask  Interestingly if I use the Windows 7 or Vista "network map" it shows my computers but has the server listed as "the following devices cannot be placed on the map" which I assume is a limitation of the WHS operating system since it is based on the very dated 2003 server.

    It has run so well and for so long I got very passionate about telling others the virtues of a WHS setup, and its backups saved me major grief on two occasions. 

    About the only recent change I have made is that I have upgraded 4 of the computers to Windows 7 (two to Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit, one to Win 7 Home Premium 32 bit, one to Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit).  To be honest I haven’t actually tried backing up the unchanged Vista Home Premium laptop as it is wireless and takes forever.

    I tried database repair, it reports success, then ran database cleanup, it failed every time.  I then went into the server folders and deleted everything in the "D:\folders\{00008086-058D-4C89-AB57-A7F909A47AB4}" folder as a last gasp action, thereby losing 4 months of backups.  Now database cleanup finishes successfully (in about 1/10th of a second).

    I keep seeing the same pattern, a back-up starts, I see it identifying clusters that have changed, then sending data over my 1GB network.  It achieves about 25% of the 1GB network bandwidth (on average or 250 Mb/s).  Then it pauses at around 20% through the backup or about 30 GB and says "reorganising storage on server" and about one minute after that it fails, every time with the same error;


    Backup set 12 on BUNNSERVER failed: Microsoft.HomeServer.Backup.Protocol.ProtocolException: Client / Server connection lost

    at Microsoft.HomeServer.Backup.Protocol.ReconnectableStream.TryReconnect(Int32 localGeneration)

    at Microsoft.HomeServer.Backup.Protocol.ReconnectableStream.WriteWithReconnect(Int32 count)

    at Microsoft.HomeServer.Backup.Protocol.ReconnectableStream.Write(Byte[] buffer, Int32 offset, Int32 count)

    at Microsoft.HomeServer.Common.Client.BinaryWriterEx.Write(Byte[] value, Int32 offset, Int32 length)

    at Microsoft.HomeServer.Backup.Protocol.BackupProtocol.SendClusterData(Int64 clusterIndex, Byte[] data, Int32 offset, Int32 length)

    at Microsoft.HomeServer.Backup.BackupOp.BackupOperation.DoClusterPass2()

    at Microsoft.HomeServer.Backup.BackupOp.BackupOperation.RunWithoutCatch()

    at Microsoft.HomeServer.Backup.BackupOp.BackupOperation.Run()

    at Microsoft.HomeServer.Backup.BackupOp.BackupSetOperation.RunWithoutCatch()

    at Microsoft.HomeServer.Backup.BackupOp.BackupSetOperation.Run()

    Notice it always says "do cluster pass 2".  I have seen it back up as much as 33GB on pass one, then fail with this error and delete the first pass data.

    HELP please.  I am tearing my hair out.  I wonder if I should reinstall WHS (SP1) then run through all the upgrades to get it back to SP3 but am worried about the nearly 3 TB of data on my WHS, do I have to lose all this and start again?

    kind regards


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